Contract Consulting

Energyforce provides our commercial clients with the most effective strategy in managing electricity and gas prices. With close analysis of your contracts we advise on how to capitalise on cost savings. How?

  • By closely tracking the wholesale forward markets
  • Advising on duration of contracts
  • Negotiating carbon inclusive or exclusive pricing

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Technology Solutions

Our team of consultants advise you on the best actions to take in reducing energy consumption, our Energy Efficient Upgrade Strategies provide detailed reports on what technologies are best suited to your site, a comprehensive cost analysis and also advice on what grants and government incentives are available.

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Onsite Power Solutions

Energyforce also operates a power generation division which provides an alternative power source for supply, backup power generation and demand response.

  • Gas-fired generation 
  • Co- and Tri-Gen systems
  • Renewables, i.e. solar and wind

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